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※S・L 2サイズでの展開です。※モデル着用のブローチ(S)の樹種は、右上がナラ・左下がヒノキ


Wooden Broach

A brooch made with a piece of wood features the large size and the gentle curve from side to surface.The brooch was carefully polished to highlight the wood grain and it is applying a beautiful pattern.Please choose your favorite ones from 5 types of their feeling.

Designed by:Yuki Kumagai

素材:ヒノキ / スギ / ホオ / ナラ / マツ / クルミ
Sサイズ:Φ50 mm / Lサイズ:Φ70 mm
価格:Sサイズ¥2,420 / Lサイズ¥2,640【販売終了】